Why is My Basement Always Flooding?

Why is My Basement Always Flooding?

Coming home to a thriving pond or a serious flood for the third time will drive anyone crazy. You patched the cracks in your foundation, you installed a new drainage system outside, and yet, pervasive water continues to invade your home and harass your wallet. Water damage is among the most troublesome home hazards, and since there are so many sources of basement flooding, resolving this stubborn issue often requires the assistance of some seasoned professionals. 

Common Causes of Basement Flooding

With some awareness of the common causes behind basement flooding, you’ll be ready to act and protect your home from another recurring water issue in advance. Here are some of the typical causes of basement flooding to be aware of, and the steps you can take to resolve the problem if water levels are on the rise. 

Poor Foundation Weatherproofing

After the foundation is built, exterior surfaces are coated in a sealant to shield your home from the relentless groundwater that’s attempting to gain entry. Even with a well-designed and properly installed foundation, hairline cracks in your structures or waterproofing sealant issues are a likely source of your persistent basement flooding and mold accumulation

This becomes an even more likely problem if your home is situated in a low area, or you live in an area with above-average precipitation. Water naturally breaks down exterior materials over time, and the more moisture your exterior structures are exposed to, the sooner you will need to repair and recoat these protective surfaces. 

Fortunately, most minor cracks and sealant issues do not quickly fill a basement with water. You may notice a slow dripping section along the wall or a gradually pooling section on the floor. Whether the leak is coming through the wall or the floor, we work fast to seal the cracks and reestablish a sturdy coating of sealant for a like-new level of waterproofing that last for years. 

Damaged Plumbing

Another likely culprit behind your water woes often arises from the plumbing. Leaking pipes from the floor above, or issues with the plumbing lines in your basement are the most common causes. Since the basement is the lowest point in your home, even a plumbing issue or malfunctioning washing machine located on a higher floor may be trickling down through your walls before settling into the basement. 

Whether it’s a small leak or a massive water surge, call a plumber and our water restoration team immediately. Damaged plumbing and pervasive leaks can quickly erode your home’s support structures, lead to the development of mold, and can even cause electrical home fires. After the plumber fixes the pipes, our remediation experts will help you restore every feature of your basement to its like-new condition. 

Clogged Gutters & Exterior Drainage

When backed-up gutters and blocked drainage spouts outside of your home are unable to direct the water away from your home, your basement is exposed to additional moisture. As the water levels rise because of the clog, this replicates the same elevated flooding risks that homes in basins and run-off areas encounter. 

Thankfully, if your flooding issues are a result of a blocked drainage system, these problems are usually easier to resolve. If tree roots are blocking the exterior drains, there are multiple drain-clearing chemicals you can try, or your average plumber can clear the blockages with an auger. Oftentimes, it’s just natural debris like leaves and dirt that can be removed by hand, which will instantly restore uninterrupted water flow away from your home. 

Broken Sump Pump

A sump pump is responsible for keeping your basement dry and clear of groundwater. If this system fails, water that is normally pumped away from your foundation is trapped around the perimeter. It’s essential to have your sump pump routinely inspected, ensure that the batteries are replaced in case of a power outage, and repair or replace the system immediately if a failure occurs. 

Restore Your Home & Prevent Future Basement Flooding With Our Help 

Identifying the source of water invasion, stopping the source, and overcoming flooded basements in Philadelphia is our specialty. Rather than simply mopping up the issue or drying the area every time it happens, we’re in the business of treating the underlying causes and aim to protect your property from the serious issues that can emerge without early intervention. Contact our specialists at Restoration360 today.

If it’s already too late, we utilize a range of cost-effective strategies to thoroughly dry, repair, and establish a better plan to keep the water away for good.

We offer water damage restoration services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas:

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