Ways to Restore Your Home After a Storm

Ways to Restore Your Home After a Storm

In an age of severe and unpredictable weather patterns, learning how to safely and effectively recover from a storm is invaluable homeowner knowledge. Hurricane season is starting earlier each year, heavier snow accumulation is on the rise, and destructive weather patterns have become the new normal. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of these severe weather events, preventative measures only do so much against hurricanes, aggressive hail, and flood-inducing downpours. While impact-resistant windows, sturdier exterior materials, and other precautions like a reliable sump pump system can minimize the damage potential, sometimes restoration and recovery is the only option left.

Since storm damage impacts properties from the foundation to the chimney, gaining an understanding of the most common storm-related issues will prepare you to react appropriately if your home ever suffers damage. Take a look at these common storm-related problems, then we’ll compare a few restoration options for each. 

Hurricane & Tornado Damage

Arriving with a destructive mixture of excessive wind forces and often accompanied by lightning, rain, and even hail, hurricanes and tornados are among the most destructive storm systems. Major sources of damage from hurricanes and tornados include: 

  • Lifted roofing materials, stripped siding, & broken windows
  • Collateral damage from falling trees & flying debris
  • Downed electrical lines and damage to home wiring/electronics; creating both interior and exterior shock & fire hazards
  • Flooding issues; once the integrity of plumbing lines or roofing materials has been compromised, water damage often follows. Also common, debris and flood-like rains can cause city sewage clogs that result in sewage backups into the home

Typical Hurricane & Tornado Recovery Steps

With safety, cost savings, and reduced recovery times in mind, restoring a home following a tornado or hurricane begins with a careful evaluation and planning process. Caution is the priority because the majority of hurricane restorations involve many overlapping risk factors. At first glance, the damage may only appear to be a clean water leak in the basement. Upon further inspection, the water may be electrified by damaged wiring or filled with toxic chemicals from the systemic sewage issues in your area. 

There’s no such thing as too much caution when approaching a multi-tiered disaster, and investing in a professional water damage restoration in Newtown, PA is the easiest way to ensure that the dangers are properly managed by a team that resolves property destruction daily. To responsively resolve every type of hurricane and tornado damage, we provide: 

  • Professional Containment & Cleanup Techniques
  • Powerful Water Pumps, Air Movers, Dehumidifiers
  • Comprehensive Home Repair & Replacement Services
  • Hazardous Material Decontamination & Disposal
  • Mold Removal & Safe Mitigation Agents
  • Complete Property Analysis; We utilize advanced moisture and mold meters to ensure that each property we restore is 100% safe and liveable again

Snow Storm Damage

Even the sturdiest of roofing materials and properly-installed window treatments can fail following an intense snow storm. After encountering everything from minor leaks caused by ice dams, to complete roof collapses from excessive snow accumulation, we never underestimate the destructive power of a serious snow storm. Like wind storms, snow storms affect multiple property structures and commonly cause: 

  • Roofing & siding damage caused by accumulated weight, ice impact, and frequent freezing/thawing
  • Drainage, leaking & flooding issues caused by frozen pipes and blocked drainage systems
  • Broken windows and seal issues around doors and window treatments
  • Basement flooding as excessive snowstorm accumulation begins to melt

Snow Storm Restoration Strategies

Similar to our wind-related storm damage processes, our snow storm interventions begin by accurately evaluating the source of the problem and developing a structured restoration plan. We can remedy damaged roofing, repair and replace sump pumps, and ensure that every property we restore is returned to its like-new condition before we leave. 

Earthquakes & Flooding Damage

Equally as devastating and terrifying as a tornado or an ice storm can be, recovering from destructive flooding and earthquake damage almost always requires professional help. If your home has been affected by an earthquake or flood, never attempt to resolve these issues alone because structural weaknesses and toxic moisture accumulation are often life-threatening situations.

Contact a Restoration Team First

Our responsive water damage restorations in Burlington County, NJ quickly contain the burst pipes, evacuate dangerous and toxic water accumulation, and work fast to prevent electrical fires, structural collapse, and other serious problems like black mold. From fire damage to like-new renewals for floods, wind damage, and everything else, our caring team is here to help with every detail of the cleanup and repair.

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