How to Fix a Laminate Floor That Got Wet in...

How to Fix a Laminate Floor That Got Wet

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest ways to remodel a home. While it is very resilient to daily wear, enough water will eventually ruin your flooring. We look at how to fix a laminate floor that got wet in a flood or leak. From drying to preventing mold, we cover the basics of repairing laminate floor water damage.

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Can You Fix Water Damaged Laminate Flooring?

Although there is a risk of swelling and warping, you can fix water-damaged laminate flooring in most cases. The key to saving your flooring is to begin cleanup quickly and dry boards thoroughly. The longer you wait to start cleanup, the more likely the water will ruin your floor.

How Does Water Damage Laminate Flooring?

Water damages laminate flooring by soaking into the layers. Once inside the boards, it causes them to swell and warp. It also weakens the glue that holds them together and they can eventually fall apart. Laminate floorboards typically have four different layers:

The base layer is most susceptible to water damage. Once the base layer is ruined, replacing the laminate flooring is the only option.

Can You Save Water Damaged Laminate Flooring?

When it comes to whether you can save water damaged laminate flooring, there are three things to consider:

How Do You Dry Laminate Flooring After Water Damage?

The following steps explain how to dry laminate flooring after water damage like a flood or a major leak. If you only spilled water on your laminate floor, you can just wipe it up with a towel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wet Laminate Flooring

Here are some of the most common questions we get about how to fix water damaged laminate flooring. If you still have questions or you need help cleaning up the damage, give our restoration specialists a call now.

As long as you remove the flooring and use high-volume fans and dehumidifiers, it should only take 12 to 36 hours to dry laminate flooring. The exact amount of time depends on how many floorboards and the equipment you use.

It could take several days to a week to dry laminate floors using regular house fans. Also, you should never dry wet laminate flooring in place as this could take weeks.

You should always replace wet laminate flooring after a sewage backup due to the risk of mold and bacteria. The same is true if you cannot start cleaning up right away after a flood. Also, you may need to replace some swollen or warped boards as well.

Although wet laminate flooring will eventually dry out, it can take weeks to do so on its own. Not only does this increase the risk of mold, but it’s also likely the floor will start to fall apart too.

It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow under wet laminate flooring. However, it could take as little as 12 to 24 hours after a sewage backup or groundwater flooding. Also, the longer you wait to begin cleanup, the greater the chances you will have mold.

The best way to get rid of moisture in laminate flooring is to remove the boards and lay them flat to dry. Position high-volume fans and dehumidifiers for the fastest drying time. Avoid using heat, as this can shrink or warp the boards.

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