How to Dry Water Damage With a Dehumidifier

Use Dehumidifier After Water Damage

Drying out your home after a flood or water damage takes the right equipment. Once the water is gone, you need the right dehumidifier for water damage. While household models will work, it can take weeks to dry your home. We cover the right way to dry water damage with a dehumidifier .

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How To Use a Dehumidifier for Water Damage

If you have water damage, you can dry out your home with a commercial or structural drying dehumidifier.

Once you remove standing water, place it in the center of the room and switch it on. You will need to empty it every few hours or it will automatically shut off.

High-volume fans will also help water evaporate quickly, making it easier for dehumidifiers to pull the moisture out of the air.

How To Dry Your Home With a Dehumidifier

Why You Shouldn’t Use Household Dehumidifiers to Dry Water Damage

Although household dehumidifiers may work, they are not designed for drying your home. The biggest issue is capacity. They usually hold less than ten gallons, while even a small flood could be fifty gallons or more. In most cases, you’ll spend more time emptying them than drying out the damage.

Another issue is the relative humidity setting. Since they are meant to regulate humidity in your home, they will automatically shut off long before your home is dry. Even on the lowest setting, they just aren’t meant for drying out after water damage.

Your gutters can also lead to water drainage problems. Your gutters help water drain safely away from your home. If they get clogged, your gutters will overflow. This will wash away mulch and soil. Over time, this can ruin the slope of your yard and lead to drainage problems.

What Is the Best Dehumidifier for Water Damage?

While any model will work, a commercial drying dehumidifier is the best for water damage. They are specifically designed for drying out water damage fast and can remove between 500 and 1000 gallons a day.

While a household unit might take days or weeks, commercial drying models can dry your home in as little as 12 hours. They are also much better at pulling water out of floors, walls, and cabinets.

If you have water damage, you can get commercial drying dehumidifiers from most equipment rental companies. They usually cost between $40 and $60 per day. Many companies offer lower weekly rates too.

How Many Days Should You Leave a Dehumidifier on for Water Damage?

You should leave a dehumidifier on for water damage for one to two days. However, drying time will vary depending on the amount of water damage, the size of the area, and the model.

As a general rule of thumb, commercial dehumidifiers take between 24 and 48 hours depending on the size of the area. Household models will usually take at least a week to dry water damage.

Use a moisture meter to test areas to ensure they are completely dry. Test each surface every few hours until you get a consistent reading three times in a row.

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