How Do I Restore My Home After a Fire?

How Do I Restore and Rebuild My Home After a Fire

Among the most devastating of home disasters, overcoming fire damage requires careful planning, and most of the time, professional support. Since fire damage can include toxic contamination, damaged water lines, electrical hazards, and an array of other unexpected consequences, you’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless restoration tasks at hand! 

Fortunately, whether you’re in the process of recovering from a small kitchen fire or property-wide destruction, many of the resolution steps are the same. Check out our helpful tips below and learn how to minimize your restoration costs, prevent the spread of damage, and avoid safety hazards with cautious recovery in mind. 

Inform Your Insurance Company

Unless the fire damage is insignificant, contact your insurance company to inform them of the issue, request a property appraisal, and begin the claim filing process. When you contact your insurance company, it’s important to discuss: 

  • Is your damage covered, and for how much? 
  • Will the claim amount justify your deductible spendings or potential insurance rate increase? 
  • Do you need to submit estimates or contractor bids before receiving repairs? 
  • Will the insurance company reimburse you for temporary living arrangements?
  • How does the insurance appraisal process work? Some insurance companies send an agent to document the damage, while others will have you complete a proof of loss form. In either case, you can partner with a public insurance adjuster to assist with the entire appraisal and claim submission process if you have any doubts. 

Before the appraisal process, do not enter the property unless it has been cleared for entry. Even moderate fire damage can cause structural collapse, explosive gas line risks, and other life-threatening hazards that should only be handled by fire restoration professionals after the property has been thoroughly evaluated.

If you plan on filing a claim independently, start by documenting all evidence of the damage. Do not begin throwing away objects or replacing property features until you have properly documented every detail. Before the restoration project begins, be sure to keep track of all bids, estimates, and other related costs. After the restoration project begins, be sure to keep detailed receipts of all services and items purchased for your home. You will need this information to justify your insurance reimbursements after your home is fixed.

Contain & Remove the Priority Hazards

After figuring out the insurance details, it’s time for containment and cleanup. Our professional fire restoration in Philadelphia, PA begins with prompt damage mitigation procedures. This can involve containing damaged areas with protective equipment like tarps, securing your property from the elements/intruders, and removing the bulk of water accumulation, damaged objects, and other interior elements that are beyond repair. 

Since fire damage containment involves safety hazards and the potential for damage spread, we recommend seeking professional support for anything beyond the most basic of fire damage cleanup projects. We utilize safety gear to manage the disaster methodically, and isolate/remove the bulk of the dangerous debris, soot, and moisture with professional equipment in less time. 

With advanced containment processes, professional disposal techniques, and step-by-step interventions designed for your situation, our detailed strategies are designed to preserve more of your property while keeping you and your family safe. 

Deep Cleaning & Repair Begins

After powering through the bulk of the disaster, our experienced restoration specialists provide turn-key recovery solutions. Our detail-oriented crews cleanse and scrub all materials that are salvageable, purify the entire area, and carefully evaluate every project with moisture meters and mold-detection devices to verify our data-driven cleanup services.

After the soot, smoke, and related damage cleanup is complete, we provide full-service repair and replacement care. We can help you repair damaged drywall, replace destroyed cabinetry, and work by your side every step of the way for a restoration that replicates your home’s original condition down to the last detail. 

Find Support Beyond the Basics of Restoration

When you partner with our experts to refresh your home, you can expect comprehensive guidance from the onset. We advocate for our clients’ every need with helpful resources, free and detailed estimates for every project, and 24/7 emergency support for responsive and time-sensitive care at a moment’s notice. 

We know how stressful a disaster can be. No matter the severity of your damage, we’re dedicated to consistent service excellence and will go above and beyond to restore your home. Give our experts a call.

We offer fire damage restoration services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas:

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