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Due to the serious safety and health hazards present, fire damage restoration should always be handled by a professional team. Our licensed fire damage restoration teams specialize in hazardous materials handling, work with strategic processes to prevent the damage from spreading, and strategically remove dangerous debris, toxic materials, and embedded particulates with advanced smoke odor removal in Bucks County, PA. Alleviating the stress when disaster strikes is our goal, and we simplify it all with fire and water damage restorations that begin with integrity, solution-oriented planning, and experienced care.

When you get in touch with our fast and friendly residential fire damage restoration team in Philadelphia, you’ll be met with realistic solutions and honest pricing. We never begin a residential fire damage restoration and soot removal in Philadelphia until a careful evaluation has been performed. Following our professional evaluations and recommendations, our licensed fire damage restoration company provides detailed project quotes for line-by-line breakdowns of our fair and transparent resolution plans.

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Fire damage restoration company in Philadelphia, PA
Fire Damage Restoration Services in Philadelphia, PA
Residential fire damage restoration in Philadelphia
Fire Damage Restoration in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

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More About Fire Damage Restoration

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration removes acidic smoke and soot damage from your property, leaving it exactly as you remember it.
Tarp and Board-Up
Board up the windows and doors to seal and secure the property.
Water Extraction and Dry Out
We pump or vacuum standing water or sewage from the affected areas.
Smoke and Soot Removal
Remove smoke and soot stains from surfaces and materials.
Deodorize and Sanitize
Deodorize and disinfect the area to prevent odors and mold from developing.
Rebuild and Restoration
Rebuild the affected area to its original condition.

Common Causes of Fire Damage

Experienced Fire Damage Contractors at Your Service

Hand-in-hand with our property-specific fire damage restoration planning in Philadelphia, PA, every interconnected aspect of remediation like particulate purification, and debris removal is included with every service. Since many fire damage restoration services also involve water damage from firefighters, sprinkler systems, or damage to the plumbing, it’s important to seek all-in-one services that can manage every element of the fire damage restoration service without the need for outside assistance.   

Our fire damage restoration services in Delaware County, PA can minimize the overall restoration costs. Ready to assist with any-sized commercial fire damage restoration, and whole-home water damage problems in Philadelphia, Restoration 360 can help you restore your home. By partnering with our fire damage restoration company to reduce your restoration costs and recovery time equals:

By keeping your fire restoration expenses lower, insurance companies are more likely to cover the damage. Especially valuable if your property is underinsured or you have no insurance at all, our contractors back their quality restoration care with the best pricing in Philadelphia, PA.

With our prompt and well-prepared team on the case, avoid expensive/long-term secondary living arrangements, get back to business sooner, and return to a safe and restored property in weeks rather than months (depending on the type of damage).

After our like-new fire restorations are complete, our verifiable moisture, mold, and particulate mitigation strategies prevent hidden issues from resurfacing. We tackle the problems up front and provide our clients with useful prevention tips and safety strategies to follow if a future incident occurs.

Fire Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Philadelphia

If your home or business sprinkler systems were damaged during the fire or you need an emergency sprinkler repair service in the middle of the night, we are happy to help. Our licensed Philadelphia, PA experts have a working mastery of both residential and commercial sprinkler systems and provide around-the-clock service for reliable fire safety you can count on.

While we’re there for an emergency fire sprinkler repair in Montgomery County, PA, never hesitate to ask our experienced contractors for other reliable property care tips. Protecting our clients’ properties and improving the safety of our communities begins with easy-to-understand advice, and if there’s anything we can do to simplify your life before, during, or after a property problem, our information is always free. 

Get in touch with our restoration experts if you have any questions, save our number, and be prepared for all of life’s unexpected accidents with our proactive expertise by your side.

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Sprinkler installation in Philadelphia
Sprinkler repair in Philadelphia

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