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Flooded Crawl Space Water Cleanup

Do you have sewage or water in your crawl space? Our experienced specialists will remove the water and clean up a crawl space flood or leak fast. Call Restoration 360 now at 1-888-992-8371 for a risk-free estimate and immediate service.

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Flooded Crawl Space Water Cleanup
Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup and Water Removal

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What Is Crawl Space Water Removal and Restoration?

Restoration is the process of removing sewage or water after a backup, flood or leak. Whether the damage was caused by a water heater leak, sewage backup or sump pump failure, we clean up all types of water in a crawl space.

Our certified technicians have the training and tools to clean up crawl space water damage fast. They will assess the damage and provide a free estimate on cleanup and repairs.

What Causes Water in the Crawl Space?

The biggest causes of a damp crawl space are leaks, flooding and sewage backups. Since it’s underground, it is more likely to collect water as well. Also, water is more likely to be a problem if there is a dirt floor. Other common causes include:

Regardless of the source, our local specialists will remove the water and repair the damage. They will inspect the damage, remove the water and restore your home.

What Are the Effects of a Wet or Flooded Crawl Space?

Most crawl spaces are unfinished, so you may not worry about the potential for damage. However, it can actually lead to some serious problems.

Since it serves as the foundation for your home, the biggest risk of water in your crawl space is structural damage. After enough time, it will cause wood beams to rot and eventually weaken foundation walls.

Aside from that, it can lead to mold as well. At first, this can cause smells or even allergies. However, mold will eventually do as much damage as the water itself.

Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after a flood. The longer your home is wet, the more likely you are to have mold.

Crawl Space Water Removal and Cleanup Services

Let our local water removal specialists clean up the damage in your crawl space. They will remove the water and dry it out to limit structural damage and prevent mold.

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Crawl Space Water Removal

How Do You Remove Water and Repair the Damage?

There are five steps to crawl space water cleanup. However, the exact process may vary depending on the amount of damage. Our restoration specialists will explain the exact process once they see the damage.

Water Removal:

First, they will remove the water in your crawl space using a truck-mounted pump.

Removal and Disposal:

Once the water is gone, they will throw away damaged items and remove any other debris.

Dry Out:

Next, they will dry it out using high-volume fans and structural drying dehumidifiers.


Then they disinfect to kill mold and bacteria.


They also remove musty smells and keep them from coming back.


Finally, they will rebuild damaged materials to make sure your home is structurally sound.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Water in a Crawl Space?

The average cost of crawl space water removal ranges from $1,100 to $4,600 or more depending on the damage. The key factors that go into the cost include how much water there is, how long it sat and whether there is structural damage.

Due to these factors, it’s impossible to give an estimate over the phone. For this reason, our specialists will assess the damage in person and provide a free estimate.

Why Hire a Crawl Space Water Removal Company?

Cleaning up a damp crawl space can be difficult. However, our specialists have the training and equipment to clean up crawl space water damage quickly to prevent structural damage and mold. Call 1-888-992-8371 for a free estimate from a specialist near you.

Always Free Estimates

Our specialists assess the damage and provide a risk-free estimate for crawl space water removal.

24-Hour Emergency Service

With our 24-hour emergency response, we can start cleaning up a flooded crawl space fast.

30-Minute Response Time:

Also, we provide a 30-minute rapid response to keep your home or business safe.

Licensed and Insured:

Our restoration specialists are licensed and insured to protect you throughout the restoration process.

Professional Equipment and Techniques:

We use professional equipment and advanced techniques during cleanup.

Local Professionals:

Our local specialists are trained and certified to safely restore your home.

We Work With Your Insurance Company:

Lastly, we accept all insurance companies and can even work with them directly to make your life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Removing Water From a Crawl Space

Here are some of the most common questions about cleaning up a wet or flooded crawl space. If you still have questions, please call us and we can assist you further.

Most crawl spaces have a slight odor, but strong musty smells usually mean there is a water problem. The longer the musty smell remains, the greater the risk of structural damage.

Even if it’s just a few puddles, a wet crawl space is a bad sign. It can lead to odors, rot and structural damage. Plus, it can also attract bugs and rodents.

While water in a crawl space may go away, if you have water once it will likely return. The longer your crawl space stays wet, the bigger the change of mold or rot.

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